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Mark, darling... [19 Jun 2003|01:28pm]

Here's Marti's new lj for NYJ.


Done absolutely nothing with it yet, but just so it's there for uploading whenever you're ready.

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Poll Time. [09 Jun 2003|06:26am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Poll #143584 Plot, or Something Like It

Which of these ideas would you like to see?

Kid's fast-forward in age through some sort of metaphysical time-warp, etc.
Wolfram and Hart finding the mansion.
Demon attacks.

Suggest Plotness

Aged Kiddies...

Stay older.
Turn back to original ages.
Don't even think about doing it.
Either works for me.
Can't talk, thinking about the hot..

I cannot think of anything else to say.

Alright, see ya.
Mmm.. Dumb ass.
That's all you got?
I cannot think of anything else, either.
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Oh, Jenn... [06 Jun 2003|03:54pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Have entertaining plottish thoughts for NYJ to share with you. Is there an Email addy I can bug you at?

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[04 Jun 2003|05:33pm]

heya, could you please add Joshua for me Jenn? To ny_j and the fitz.... he's Tom's son.. and will be appearing soon. joshua_duncan



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Erm.... [03 Jun 2003|06:41pm]

[ mood | devious ]

With regards to moving to the Tanner residence.

I need Marti to stay where she is for the next few days, if that's okay. Then if someone wants to insist on her moving, that's fine. But please just bear with me for a few days.

She can be used to collect anything which may be needed from the City, if you want, which can then be collected from her apartment. Or wherever. So, except for *points up to previous paragraph* she's pretty much available for what anyone may need.

Thanking you muchly. *grin*

~A xxxx

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[02 Jun 2003|08:50pm]

[ mood | blah ]


You're playing Mo Vamp on NYJ right?

Kay, I made a vampire if you want to plot evil things, who can help you.

Throwing it out there. Because...I have no life already, let's add to the crazy shall we?


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[02 Jun 2003|11:08am]

[ mood | amused ]

Okay. School is going to interfere with me being a part of the fitz attack in about...three minutes. So...

Gabe: In basement with kids. Among them Miah, twins, that kinda thing.

Noah: Damn thing bit him on the arm. If this has sideaffects tell me but...I think for now he's just shooting like hell with Marti while making sure Jace, Bron and Kitty are okay.

Ellie: Passed out. Damn you venom claws. *g*

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Stuff. [01 Jun 2003|01:00pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

*points at current personal crap*

I'm killing off NYJ!Will's brother. Sorry for taking my headfucks out on you all, but part of me wants to distance myself from what's happening and part of me wants to face up to it all. And of course I don't want to give up on the games but I just can't be bouncy-and-in-love!Aileen when I feel like chucking myself off a cliff. >.<

Meh. Just wanted you to know. I probably won't be online much for the next few days.


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ATTACK ON THE FITZ [28 May 2003|12:24pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Attention: Here is Plottishness and Plans for the demon attack on the Fitz. This information is subject to approval and/or alteration by the Mod of Doom and the ability of all interested parties to participate. Having said that, here's the Plan.

I would initiate the demon attack on the Fitz, through a journal entry, on Monday at 9:00 in the morning, Central Standard Time. It is my plan to use my other journal, twilight_voice, to play the demon/demons. In this way, anyone who wants to can RP combat and battle with the demons. However, in order to add to the chaos, it would be fun to have MORE demons; so, if any of you who can participate have another journal that would serve a temporary demonic purpose, tell me so I can inform you what you need to do with it during the thread.

I would continue facilitating the attack until roughly 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon, at which point the demon will be vanquished if he has not been already, OR hand the demon's part to someone else if all wish to continue playing the thread.

Please note: if any of you guys want to incorporate an important character plot point into the story of the demon attack, you need to let me know PRONTO. For example, Noel's part in the demon attack will have to do with saving Viola, leading to Will-gratitude and eventual respect, blah blah blah. If you need anything like that to happen with your characters and you need my cooperation, let me know and it will be done. :)

Also: if you want to participate in this event and you are unable to be online during the specified times, LET ME KNOW. I want everyone who wants to participate to have the chance to, so have no qualms about hitting me in the head and saying "Yo, Mark, pick a better window, nut brain."

At the moment, I plan on this event being relatively unstructured, therein being the Fun of it. If you have any ideas or questions or concerns, drop me a commment.

*hugs you all* Woo. FIGHTING. Heh heh heh. WOO.

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Woo! [24 May 2003|07:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Just introducing miriam_blaylock. She's not going to be part of the Journal, but she has links with Adam and Evie

Disclaimer: She's not actually mine. She's from Whitley Streiber's book The Hunger -- which, by the way, is fan-fucking-tastic and must be read. *whipcrack* Like, now.


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[22 May 2003|05:03pm]

Two Items:

One - Luna and Sekhmet, I would, if we can work out our schedules, like Dylan and Finn to RP that dinner with Noel and Ellie on LJ. I request this because the dinner with them is a crucial plot point in Noel's character development as far as acceptance of himself and realizing he still wants a relationship, Dylan and Finn being examples of such. If this is amenable to you, dears, drop me a comment and let me know when you can manage some time, and I'll try to make it work. :)

Two - This is mainly for Jenn, but also for anyone playing a character who is associated with the Fitz, child or staff member. Next week sometime, I would like to either RP or do an aftermath-post about an attack on the Fitz by some group of demons. I mention this to Jenn because I know she has plot points already planned, and I think she might appreciate the opportunity to work it into the story of the Journal. Other than that, it's just a fun sort of way for us to RP battle. And it also is a crucial plot point for Noel's character development, for reasons that will be evident later.


Drop me comments, guys, and have a great weekend.
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[19 May 2003|11:10pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Name: Victoria
Alias: glaelia, glae, g
About: live in an ickle village about 30 miles north of london, uk, deep in the hertfordshire countryside... just finished my second year of Zoology degree in Cambridge. Just moved into my own cottage. 21... insane...

currently just the one:

tom_cochrane: Tom's 29, Scottish, an insomniac,an alcoholic, and new to New York... he's running away, want to know what from? ask him...

[Unknown LJ tag]

tom's a TruthSeer ... he doesn't see the future.... when he touches someone he sees their past... everything, every little detail.. and he feels it, all their pain and anger and hurt.. it hurts... a lot.. hence he doesn't get close to people all that often.

he's running from a group of baddies who want to use his powers for evildoing (of course!) , in the process of trying to convince him, they ran him off the road and his wife (rosie) was killed, their baby son Duncan survived. would now be five, but he was adopted whilst Tom was in hospital and taken to... new york! heee. tom's looking for duncan whilst attempting to avoid evil doers and not get close enough to anyone to See them... as it isn't something he enjoys much....

will not get in a car, absolutely terrified, though no one knows this till they try and get him in a car... has flashbacks to his wife's death, he couldn't help her, he was trapped in the car (screwed up leg, hence pain) and couldn't reach her, watched her die. has terrible nightmares about it, hence insomnia and drinking problem...

oh yeah, and he needs a job! don't mind where or what... but he used to be a policeman... only 'bad cop' probably describes him better than 'good cop'.... attitude problem does not even begin to describe my boy....

any family members? his da, george, and maybe duncan if he ever finds him... rosie could make an appearance i guess... given the number of spirit seers around that is ;)

plots i'd like to see in ny_j:
will/noel... how people react to noel's hiv.. if/when they find out... aidan + noah working together... noah calling beej dad... heee . lots, looking forward to seeing it all unfold as the gang gets to know one another....

stuff i'd like to see happen to tom:

i'd like him to find duncan... eventually... also want to see him find out how to control his powers so they aren't such a burden... perhaps allowing him to get close to someone again...



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[19 May 2003|02:53pm]

[ mood | content ]

Name: Elizabeth
Alias: Beth, Amarantha, She Who Wishes She Could Write Decent Fics All The Time and Takes Too Many Online Quizzes.
About: Live in Texas. Just finished basic music degree at JC, moving to Richardson to major in Historical Studies: Music History at UTD. Plan to teach elementary music or college music classes.

caley_griffith: First character. Built for H03, but not officially added yet due to character freeze (happily reading and replying to friends posts in the meantime ;)) Hufflepuff 5th year, 15 years old. Daughter of Irish rock star/American actress. Lived with mother till she skipped one to many classes at wizarding school and was sent back to Ireland with father. Da remembered to enroll her in school before leaving on tour, and the first person she met at Hogwarts was Adie.

caleygriffith : 25 years old, divorced, 1 son - Donovan (4). Born and bred in New Orleans, Caley learned to practice voodoo from her Gran. She was a tomboy as a child, preferring karate class to dance, and got to be a Purple belt (4th Kyu) before her mother insisted she quit. She married young, thinking it was love, had Donovan, and divorced three years later. Her ex was given custody because of his high paying job and moved to Jersey City to become a partner at a law firm. Caley ran her Gran's business for a bit, then moved to New York to be closer to Donovan. Now she's in the process of getting full custody and is working for the New Yourk Journal. She's made new friends (Dylan, Finn, Martine) and is working on gettin to know others in the office. Oh...and she has a bad habit of playing practical jokes on people. But only when she has a willing accomplice. ;)

donovan_g : Donovan's four. He's a quiet child, but don't let that fool you. Once he gets started, he becomes a hyper little hellion. He used to live with his Daddy, but moved into Mommy's apartment over the weekend. Donovan has his mother's ability to call on the spirits, comes from spending so much time in his Great-Great-Grandmother's shop. Shhhh! Mommy doesn't know yet. It's a suprise an' you're gonna ruin it.

Plots I'd Like to see in NYJ: Aidan/Lys--it's just too cute!; Aidan and Noah working together; other than that I don't know
Plots I'd Like to see in H03: N/A

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Alright, here's me... [19 May 2003|12:29pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name: Christie

Alias: Luna, H03/NYJ obsessor, Scarily Fixated on Dylan/Finn *winks*

Re: I'm of Irish, Scottish, Native American, French descent -- your basic American mutt! College grad (majored in Communications/Journalism)now working as Media Relations/Writer/Photographer for a medical university (oooh yeah -- feel my excitement -- note: heavy sarcasm.) Love the HP books and am rampant Remus/Sirius shipper! Big-time film addict! Written loads of R/S fics. Am now totally in love with H03/NYJ and am addicted to reading/participating and writing associated jounral entries and fics! I love Dylan/Finn -- makes me smile, makes me happy! Wishes my r'ships with guys turned out as well as theirs *rolls eyes*


Hogwarts03 - dylan_evander
He's mine so I feel odd saying this, but I love the silly git! 16-year old Gryffindor. He's a blond whirlwind, also known as Queen Lili (though he tries to insist he's so not Queeny *rolls eyes*), Hummingbird (for his inability to be still) and Horny Little Devil. Flamboyent, energetic, overly enthusiastic, pervy as all get out, rampant sense of humour, wears his heart on his sleeve. Party Goodtime Boy. Former Gryffinwhore (but not anymore! Loyal to Finn, his beloved, now) Breaks out in song and dance often. Annoys the hell out of people. Not so good at his studies. Bit of a bubblehead *winks*. Vain too, though he doesn't like admitting to that. Adores his gorgeous boyfriend Finn and his best friends Martine, Eveline, Will, Noel and Adie. Despises brown polyester, bad hair days, shower wanking pics of horror and poncy pics, and the Ogre on his bad days.

NY Journal 2 - dylan_evans
20-years old, soon to be 21. Born and raised in California. Typical surfer dude in many ways: his manner of speaking, his diet cravings for Taco Bell and Mickey D's, his love of the beach, surfing, skating, the outdoors, sand and sun, friends, partying. Atypical in that he is gay, a Skinwalker -- morphs into a Golden Retriever dog (Goldie) and a Hummingbird (Birdy. He's a bit ashamed of the *wussy* bird form so he doesn't use it all that often). Friendly, very outgoing, gameboy, hyper as hell, loud, enthusiastic, loves sex and is pervy about it. Loves his sexy vampy boyfriend Finn, his Harley (Red Rover), Rolly (his office chair that he has developped an unnatrual affinity for), Junk food of all sorts (especially Taco Bell, Mickey D's, Hot Pockets, candy, donuts, Mountain Dew), kids (because he's just an overgrown kid himself)and movies/TV (esp. "The Matrix", "Star Wars", "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures", "Speed" -- has secret crush on Keaunu Reeves but doesn't want Finn to know that for fear that Finn will quit taking him to KR movies and that would be bad, though he loves Finn and thinks Finn is MUCH HOTTER than Keanu anyway so it really shouldn't matter). Loves the kooky new job and the people he's meeting. Has already developped friendships with Marti, Aileen, Caley and Evie.

Plots I'd Like to See in NYJ: Errr... hmmm... well, lame-ass answer here, but really, I'm just excited to see how everything unspools! Will wait and see!!

Plots I'd Like to See in HO3: A Dylan/Finn Will/Noel orgy! Hee!! Kidding!! (Or am I?! *winks*)

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[19 May 2003|11:24am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Nombre: Haha, la Nomie sin nombre es!...okay, never mind, that was stupid. Anomie/Nomie. Whatever's your pleasure.
Also: Fluff-writer Extraordinaire. Ex-Lithuanian Princess. Russian Waterfowl (Hey, Mark! QVAK!) Classics dork. Editrix and spelling/grammar bitch.
Well?: Live in the northeast U.S. - far away from all y'all. Just finished first year of college at a tiny overpriced liberal arts school. Will be a Latin teacher in about seven years, God willing. Plotting to spend her junior semester abroad in England so she can cavort with Tracy and B. Reads way too much for her own good. Sings. Yep. Oh, and if you so much as breathe a word of Latin and Greek, will be nitpicking because it's What She Does with her life and she has every right to be picky.
eirlys_trahern The first I came up with. Sixteen years old - her birthday party was actually one of the first major events in H03 if I remember correctly - and a Gryffindor. Seeker, and pretty damn good at it. Smart enough to be Ravenclaw, just not given to studying and would gladly skip class to go flying with Aidan. Possibly the first Welsh kid in Hogwarts, if we go by canon, because I love that part of the UK and it's, like, totally underrepresented. In love with Ciar, secretly terrified about what's going to happen next fall when she comes back to school but he's graduated. Best friend is Aidan. Yeah, those McCloy boys...

celinamontague Sadly underused. Slytherin, seventh year, eighteen and Head Girl. Sees herself as the morally upright contrast to the soppy Head Boy, for whom she has a grudging respect. Is going to be Minister of Magic someday because she frankly could beat the pants off the previous ones without even trying. Complete with Angsty Backstory - was raped at fourteen, went and hexed the bastard two years later. Has the Great Wall of frickin' China up around her emotions. Is secretly in love with Adie. Has no friends. Awwwww. She's a bitch, but I love her.

e_trahern For a short time, was the 26-year-old wisecracking Welsh-transplant theatre writer for the Journal. Now, is full-blooded Welsh, 21, over here to study at NYU and just finished her junior year. Has a...uh..."summer internship" at the new Journal. Works magic through the Ogham, a Celtic tree-lore based on a system of runes. Shite at offence, spectacular healing powers and defensive spells. Also good at perception; her Sense can pick up if people aren't just normal humans, though she can't always recognise what's different about them. Kind of reserved, occasionally bad-tempered. Shakespeare fan, plays violin and knits and cooks in her spare time. Yes, she is an old granny. Shut up.

kittytanner She's five years old and already knows more physics than most people ever will. Loves her dad, wants to grow up to be just like her sister Bron, and wishes she could get along better with her brother Jace. Hates the McCormack Twins with every fiber of her tiny being because they're creepy. Would probably have a crush on Bal McCormack if boys weren't icky. A "biological sport" who loves math and science about as much as she loves drawing and ice cream. No, wait, she loves ice cream more.

ciar_mccloy Heh. I am such a shameless whore. Older brother to Aidan. Owns a bar called the Blue Moon, where he spends most nights playing piano or guitar and singing. Easygoing fellow. Bit of a flirt (meaning he'll smile at anything remotely attractive in a skirt) and charming as anything. Very, very protective of his little brother. Misses Ireland more than he'll admit. Still fairly quiet, though.

Minor Characters:
For all versions of Eirlys: mother Catrin, father Gwynfor (in ny_j, dead of an accident for four years), sister Bronwen is three years older, and brother Daffyd is two.
Celina: We assume she has parents. No siblings.
Kitty: Daddy btanner, brother jacetanner, sister brontanner.

For NYJ: I'm just going to echo Tracy here and note that, yes, Aidan and Lys DO seem to be getting along well, DON'T they? (Psst, Coleslaw, I have fluff to show you but I don't know if I'm going to post it...) The witch-girls working together, because Lys doesn't play well with others. I really want to see someone tell Marti she needs to learn to control her power as if it were obvious common knowledge she's a witch. Also, wolfy-boys in close quarters. Yes. OH. And the school. Because those kids? Too cute, and too much fun.
For H03: Well, frankly I want to see Celina get involved more, but...heeeee. Not sayin' nothin'. Want Quidditch-team bonding. And...nah, that's it. Eirlys isn't going to leave school and marry Ciar, entertaining as that would be - and I may have to write that as an AU - but can't think of any plausible in-game plots. I suck at this sort of thing.

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Include Me In!!! [19 May 2003|04:06pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Name: Alison
Alias: Black Narcissus, Angst Addict, Unhealthily Fixated on Gobshite, Undeserving Werewolves
Re:Me English/Irish on Mum's side, English/Scottish/Cheyenne(but only a teeny tiny bit unfortunately) on Dad's. Married twice, divorced twice. Two daughters. Born and still living in Liverpool. Was language buff at school (all those years ago), now self-employed (ie., extremely poor) proofreader after about 6 years illness. Shameless Pupsmut addict. Have written a couple of Remus/Sirius things, and a couple of Martine/Noah HO3 bits. Have quickly developed strong fraternal adoration for all fellow RPG persons *hugs to all*


Hogwarts03 - martinebrereton. My original Girl. Love her to bits for that reason alone. Fifth year Ravenclaw prefect, age 16. Extremely intelligent, adores her friends and will do anything for any of them. Especially close to Eveline, Dylan and Will, but loves their partners Adie, Finn and Noel too, if for no other reason than they make her loved ones happy. Utterly and completely devoted to her boyfriend Noah MacNamara, after hating him with an almost equal passion for most of their Hogwarts lives together. Not a happy home life. Aristocratic French Mother who despises her, younger sister, Davina, who treats her the same way. Her English Father loves her, but is totally under the thumb of his wife whom he absolutely adores. There is a reason for this, but it hasn't come to light yet. Martine also had an older brother, Etienne, who died when he was five. She barely remembers him since she was only two and a half at the time, but she was extremely close to him.

NY Journal 2 - _marti. 23 years old, born and raised in Boston. Middle child of three - older brother Etienne, younger sister Davina. Is close to both of them. Both parents dead - mother (Veronique) in a riding accident when Marti was 12, father (Steve) murdered just over two years ago. Steve worked for Military Intelligence. His job was dangerous enough that he felt it necessary to train his children in extreme forms of self defense. Marti took to it like a duck to water. She can fire almost anything with a trigger, including a crossbow which requires a peak draw weight of 200lbs. Technically, this is way beyond her physical capabilities, but she handles it well. She is also an expert knife thrower. As she herself says, if she can see it, she can generally hit it.

When her father was killed, she set herself the task of finding his killers. She's not interested in why they killed him, nor in how he died. She had a list of twelve names at the outset. There are now four left. In the meantime, she's hired herself out if she felt the cause was right. After all, she killed her first bastard before her father died. She caught her own boyfriend raping her sister. He died slowly. She was sick afterwards. That was the only time killing made her puke.

What she doesn't know is that she has witch blood on her mother's side. There's been signs of it all her life but they've been slight enough for her to ignore or pass off a coincidence or clumsiness. She has slight (at the moment) precog, telekinesis and empathy. The latter only works when she's giving her attention to someone though. She thinks she's just good at body language. Should she ever trace her maternal bloodline back, she'd find she's descended from La Voisin, a witch of the dark path, who lived and was executed in the time of Louis XIV of France. Her latent powers are slightly strengthened when she's at work, simply because of the atmosphere. However, because she is totally unaware, and this is a whole new world for her, she is completely vulnerable to psychic attack since she does not yet have any defences against it.

*pauses for breath* I think that's all for now.

Plots I'd Like to See in NYJ: Meh, there was only one. And that's neeeeeever gonna happen. So, I'll just see what, if anything, unfolds.

Plots I'd Like to See in HO3: Dunno really. Lots to watch at the moment. Am happy with that *nods*

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Enter The Obsessor/Perfectionist [19 May 2003|09:17am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I felt rather outdone by my 'students' *snerk*, So I did a little remix. More definition.

Name: Jenn
Or: She who is of the Colinlust, MoD, J, Title Whore, Your Wank, Your God.
So: Wants to write, lives in the city of Mickey Mouse and Old Fogies, will someday seduce Colin Farrell, gets a squicky love for certain 'cests, is a fuckin' weirdo, thinks Narnia is the best series ever, wants Dom Joly of Trigger Happy TV to be her best friend. Also listens to 'reefer' music and has a 'Ford' family.


jackward Of the Original NYJ. First Staff Member. Goddaughter of the Boss. 26 year old loon. Full time Brit with and addiction to coffee and 80s music. Dated a snarky bastard (re: Beej) and swore off men. Best Friend of Will Foster and Aidan McCloy. Mother of Caleb (and Jace and Susan in November). Not a girl person, really, though she does try to be friends with females. Eats like a fucking cow and then some. The lovely Anna Paquin was her face. Loves her job, but wants to do International News. Has fuckwit twin, Robin, who lives in LA with his daughter, Chelsea, and wife, Mary. Is sometimes the bane of J's existance. Father (Patrick) died when she was 15, she was daddy's girl. Mother is conventional sweetie, and perpetual nag. Is marrying Steve. J is also married to Aidan and all her favourite memories are roadtrips with him. Even if they are somewhat blurred from alcohol.

jackward Version 2.0. She's soon to be 19 and a hacker extraordinaire. Is generally nice but won't hesistate to tell the stupid fucker, or the asshole off, especially if he's getting in her way. Doesn't much care what people think of her. Still with the fuckwit brother in LA, but he's also a Werewolf. Been so since the two were 6 years old. Thus J's experience in handling them. Twist (because I love them): J was in Purgatory for near 500 years. She was banished there after her last life (a Gypsy [Emma Yoskovic] in 1503) when she ran away to marry her true love. Recently started remembering everything and went to her grave to dig up her old possessions. She might be the true love of Niall Burke, but she's destined to end up with a different snarky bastard. Still retains that huge ass appetite.

jaclynward Because we all love Hogwarts. She's a 5th year Gryffindor with a spunky personality and a love for coffee and alcohol. Smart when she puts her mind to it, but on most occassions is a rather stupid prat. Guess that's why she and Aidan are so suited. Loves flying/quidditch, and reading with a passion. Believes Aidan and Adie cannot exist without the other and is fine with that (most of the time ^_^). Thinks that Will is one of the smartest people ever, and has a soft spot for Caleb Tanner (though she'd happily kill his brother without a second glance). Absolutely adores Martine, Eveline, and Ellie, but is rather uncomfortable with what she calls 'girl speak', so doesn't spend much time with them. Still got that prat brother, but her mother is a total bitch who hates all things Wizard. Will soon be adopted by her Godfather, Steve.

btanner Original: BJ Tanner was 27 and the snarky ex boyfriend of Jack. The father of Caleb, and a quite talented lawyer (so God knows why he worked at the Journal instead). I never much developed him, 'cept that he was the Football Hero in high school and a huge playboy (partial to blondes). Jack was his first love and he hadn't gotten over her until a few months ago (still gets pangs once in a while). Remix: Bryan's 524 years old this year. Was born Niall Burke, but has changed his name many times since then. Cursed by the Gypsy family of his love (Emma Yoskovic), when she died. A Rich Irish Lord, and a bit of a rake. He's seen most all of the world in his travels, met many people, and through a stroke of luck in the finance department, managed to not only keep his inherited fortune, but raise it higher. He's fluent in almost 40 languages (including some demonic). Has three kids who he loves beyond anything. Plus, added bonus, they are the reincarnations of his family. (Bron - Mum), (Jace - Brother/Best Friend), (Kitty - Little Sister). Is quite learned. Very quiet, spends most of his time with his children, seems tired a lot, but rarely sleeps.

bjtanner Beej is the 15 year old Slytherin version and a right bastard. Thinks he's the hottest stuff ever and only gives a damn about his family (and Aidan McCloy). Very unsure of what he wants to do in life, but is quite smart and has a lot of potential. You wouldn't be able to tell by his grades though, as he is more opt to half ass through work, or copy off someone else. Can be quite charming and sweet, but he's rarely around people to show it. Keeps to himself and tells the rest of the world to fuck off. Older brother to Caleb.

calebtanner Ah dear sweet Caleb, how I love you. 12 year old Ravenclaw. Quite shy, but very affectionate and sweet. Wishes he had a relationship like Will and Noel. (he's bi, but he thinks that most het-couples are crazy [re: Jack/Aidan]) Spends enough time with Beej to know that he's a swell guy, and he wishes his brother would be less of an ass around people. Genuinely admires Eveline, Will, Noel, Dylan, Aidan, Beej, and Jack. Considers Jack to be his best friend. Had a twin sister (Caro) who died three years ago from an unknown illness that Caleb also has. Loves Katie (his 6 year old sister) most of all, and tells her often that she'll be a Princess when she grows up. Is dying.

jacetanner This kid rocks my fucking Dobby socks, mmkay? Jacen is a spinoff of Caleb. He's sweet and charming. Harbors a crush on his best friend Bal (but you wouldn't hear him say it.. crushes ruin friendships). He's empathic and telepathic, half Kevroc demon. His demon half hasn't started showing yet (for which he's quite grateful). Knows that his Dad and him should have a closer relationship, but cannot quite remember why. Is extremely proud of both of his sisters, even if he does like to annoy the crap out of them sometimes. Loves his computer, soccer, and loud music. Hates when people shout at him (emotionally or telepathically) but doesn't like to talk about it.

Retired Characters:
claudiaward Truly is Claud the counterpart to her NYJ self. She's 11, Slytherin, and in total disgust with her perky ass cousin, Jack. Thinks that being confined to a school is a load of bullshit, and would be perfectly happy if everyone just fell off the earth. Today. Only likes her Da, Aileen Foster (and sometimes Uncle Pat. 'Too bad he had to die. He was almost decent to be around.') Ran away from Hogwarts after the funeral of her Uncle and managed to find her wanderlusted da. Now travels with him, quite content.

Kit_Holmes Christopher was a 16 year old Hufflepuff, and the quietest mother fucker on the planet. His parents pretty much ignored him through his childhood and he didn't have any mates, so his lack of social skills was quite apparent. Until his forth year when he was seduced by hottie Astronomy teacher, Lucy von Tavers. She brought him out of his shell, at least with her, but when the two were found out she was fired and he was expelled. Hasn't been seen or heard from since.

mad_ventura Madison appeared for about three journal entries. She's a 17 year old kook, a Gryffindor. An orphan who likes to pretend that everything going on around her is something in a book she's writing. (stopped playing her because it's a pain in the arse having writer's block in writer's block)

piper_gibbs Piper was going to be Adie's female counterpart, but I got bored with her too quickly.

Minor Characters:
Wards: Marion, Robin, Eamon (dead Patrick)
Bushs: Tid, Claud.
Office Figures: Steve Carlson, Gerard Fitzgerald (and various unnamed staff)

Plots for NYJ: Established friendships, couples, and more kiddies.

Plots for H03: *hums It's All Been Done by Barenaked Ladies*

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Woo! [19 May 2003|01:54pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: B
Alias: Relentless Slasher of Red-Haired Girls ^__^
About: Am British. Half-Scottish, half-English, with a bit of New York on the English side and a bit of French on the Scottish side. City girl stuck in the country. Omnisexual. Ralph-lust and Alicia-lust makes me want Will/Aileen. This is Wrong. I don't care. I want to be David Lachappelle a photographer (I'll settle for just worshipping him <3). My passion for Tori Amos and Emilie Autumn is unrivalled. Even by Mark. :-P I write fanfiction for Singin' in the Rain, Billy Elliot, Wind on Fire, His Dark Materials, Narnia aaaaand Harry Potter. At least I did. I'm being Nagged At for more Fairy Boys, but these games are sort of my Life right now...

This is going to get Quite Long. I have nine. >_<


will_foster: and when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with the night and pay no worship to the garish sun. Ohmygod. *swooooon* I love this man. <3<3<3 x a million + infinity! The original Will. I've been picking at writing a novel about him for about five years now, but it was going nowhere. Now I've been living him for a few months, maybe it'll pick up again. I'll see how things go over summer. 35-year-old Entertainment boss. Loves his daughter Aileen and his fiancé (*dies*) Noel above everything in existence. After that: his piano, his dogs, whiskey. Wants to be a real writer, as in novels. Has a not-so-secret lust for Viggo Mortensen. Scared crapless of flying. Hates coffee. Drinks so much tea there's probably more of it in his veins than blood. Best friends are Jack and Aidan. I miss him. :'( Look at him! He's so the Hottest Will. Gah.

willfoster: The Hogwarts version. Basically the same as the original, except... you know... he's a wizard. And he's British. And seventeen. But most of the other bits are the same. Loves Noel beyond all mortal comprehension (Mark and I are Gods, so we get it). Tori-obsessed. Loves his piano. Scared crapless of flying. Loves Shakespeare. Very Very Smart. Ravenclaw. Head Boy. Yes, come on, let's get the jokes over with, that's Head Boy, yes. :D Loves his all cats. Best friends are Jack, Ciar, Eveline, Martine, Adie, Dylan.

william_foster: Hehehe. The piano-thing is still there, and the Shakespeare-thing, and the intelligent-thing, and the would-die-for-his-daughter thing. I bet even the Sap-thing would be there if he let anybody close enough, but since his last long-term boyfriend turned out to be a paedophile mass-murderer (yeah, I'm going with Bloodlust!Fic as canon now. Ew), that doesn't seem very likely. He's an assassin. Good with guns. *nods* He says he's quit all that now to help out with all the stuff going on at the Journal, but if he's offered enough money, and the target is a nasty bastard who deserves death, then he'll do it again. Tough!Will. It feels so Wrong!

aileen_foster: Then: will_foster's 15- then 16-year-old daughter, aspiring singer/actress with an 18-year-old boyfriend, G. Ohgod, Will hated him. *twitch* Then they talked and All Was Well. Same deal with Aileen and Noel. She liked him, then she found out he was fucking her Dad and hated him, then they bonded over Moulin Rouge and chocolate ice cream and All Was Well. Now: 17-year-old Slayer. She's doing it for revenge, after all her family were killed by Beasties (except for her boyfriend G and Will's best friend/Viola's mother Tess... had to kill those two themselves after they got turned and went for Vi >_<). Classically-trained soprano and ballet dancer... now she's too busy to make it as Christine on Broadway, and she Bitches about it sometimes. *shrugs* And she has no Morals any more. "I kill for a living, so sod the law. I'm going to drink, smoke and fuck whatever the hell I like." And she does. :-) Because I was getting Itchy with 13-year-old H03!Aileen... I'm not allowed to be pervy about her, it's Wrong. 17 is okay. I know it's 18 over there but the age of consent is 16 here, so WOO! I'm all right with that.

aileenfoster: *sigh* She's not Evil. Don't hate my girl. *hugs her* She's Misunderstood! She's has a Hard Time! Her wand-magic is practically non-existant, but she's sharp. Good at things like Potions... *points at recent Melodrama* ...and old non-wand magic. And she's a Dream-Seer, which sent her crazy after she saw her sister's and mum's deaths before they happened. She has no sexuality. Lesbian by default, but only because she happens to be in love with Ellie. it's not about gender. She's never been attracted to anybody else in her life. Not even Bonky, so don't start. :-P Also loves: her raven, Edgar Allen Poe, Nick Cave, The Hunger by Whitley Schreiber (hmm... lesbian vampire porn... maybe she does have a sexuality...), Will (although she'll never admit it). Hates: lakes, Aidan McCloy.

bonky: BONKY LIKES THA MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! He's a house elf with spectacularly squiffy eyes and a somewhat lower-than-average intelligence. He can't quite grasp the proper pronunciation of names, for one. Willy Fister is a grand example. So are Eyeless, Martian, and the classic Dildo. ^__^ As well as tha moooon, Bonky likes playing his guitar and singing Cheering Songs when his good friends are upset. He used to be in love with Missy Fister, but she didn't love him back and he hit the bottle. Then his friends Spanky and Spunky sent him to self-help classes for badly-treated elves, and he came back All Better! Now he has a lady friend called Mibbi and he loves her very much. *nods*

adie_mccormack: Ex-Gryffinwhore rock star! He's gorgeous and he knows it, but he's not unbearably arrogant. Just a bit. And like he and Aidan say, it doesn't count as arrogance if you really are as fabulous as you say you are. :D Desperately in love with Eveline. He's not had sex in well over a month and he doesn't care. *shock* He's not even realised, really. It's 'cause he loves her. *nods* Transfiguration expert. His ma said he needed something to fall back on if the band doesn't work out. He just looked at her. o.O And he's a jammy wee sod 'cause he never gets hangovers, no matter how much he drinks. It's cause he's Scottish. He's been drinking whiskey for about sixteen years. :-)

adam_mccormack: 156-year-old half-demon. Loves his wife, Evie, and their kids (Bal, Miah, Abis and Omri) madly. Powers: he carries lots, but they're recessive genes and the only ones that have manifested themselves in him are superhuman strength and an ability to regenerate. Weakness: has a fatal allergy, and so tries very hard to avoid salads.

bal_mccormack: The Normal One. He's a pyroculist (can zap lasers from his eyes), but hates it because he gets picked on at school. Also gets a load of crap because he wants to be a dancer (I can't help it... with Jamie Bell as his face, it just Happened ^__^). Loves Māmiņa and Dad more than anybody else in the world. Likes Miah, Abis and Omri sometimes, but most of the time Miah's taunting him and the twins are zapping his things, so... you know how it is. Siblings, bah. Best friend is Jace Tanner, and he's deeply in love with Jace's sister Bron.

Retired Characters: I suppose will_foster and the first Aileen are retired (*sob*) in that we're not playing the nyjournal any more, but they're not really 'cause I'm so desperately in love with them and I'm going to carry on writing in that 'verse anyway.

Minor Characters: Fosters: Alice, Matt, Richard, Caroline, Frances, plus her fiancé Christian and their baby twins Thomas and Anna. Tess Barker: Aileen's mom in H03 and the first NYJ, Viola's mom in the second. George-who-is-called-G: Aileen's boyfriend in both NYJs. Cathy Foster: H03!Aileen's dead twin sister.

Plots I'd Like to see in NYJ: The school. <3 Aileen/Ellie shower-sex, because I'm a pervert. Not exactly a plot, is it? Ah, well. And. AND. And WillnNoel. *gush* I need them. (Noel's older than Will now. That seems so Weird, after the Age Thing being such a big part of both previous games. Heh.)

Plots I'd Like to see in H03: *is evasive* Hehehehe!

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[19 May 2003|08:49am]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Toni
Alias: Pip, Mark's hopeless grammar student, squealing fangirl, ya know.
About: Live in Philadelphia with sister, two brothers, mom, two dogs and a turtly. (TMI I know) Going to college next year at the University of Pittsburgh to major in Journalism with a minor in Poly Sci. Black Belt in real life, I really have sprained my ankle due to a forgotten pivot. >< In general, fun, cute, sarcastic seventeen year old.

n_macnamara Noah's the most sarcastic, snarky, annoying, aggravating character ever to pop into my head. But he's hot and it's loads of fun to be such an asshole so...I love him. He pretends to be brave, dealing with the werewolf thing, wants no help or pity and in general uses sarcasim also as a defense mechanism. He's afraid to get close to people. Hmm...me thinks this will change. He'll still be an ass to some people. ::cough::Aidan::cough::

e_brewer New NYJ Ellie is a mix of old NYJ Ellie and H03 Ellie. She kicks major ass, takes no shit, is powerful and graceful, but still a little shy and aprehensive. Less then H03 E though. NYJ Ellie sometimes sounds too much like me. Sense of humor wise. She makes jokes in inappropriate moments in an effort to lighten the mood. She hates downers. Was close to her brother Simon, but after the vamp incident...just got more protective of her other sibs. I love Ellie. Since she is my first character. <3

leobrewer Leo's hyper, jumpy and excited about EVERYTHING. He has problems sitting still, keeping quiet and not getting into constant trouble. He can become invisible and has tortured his sibs so much with that ability that Ellie had to enforce strict rules for the floor they live on. Leo doesn't let everything their dad has given him spoil him. He is however addicted to gameboy and the X Files.

Not yet created because LJ won't give me codes for another WEEK. Assholes.

Helen Brewer: Little spoiled, very spunky, extra cute. Dresses in preppy, sparkly, glittery clothes. Loves to shop and use Daddy's credit card. ALWAYS gets her way. Unless Ellie goes on a power trip and actually stands up to Helen. But it's actually easier to just let the blonde gal go. I've made Helen a real bitch (H03) and a whiney pain in the butt (old NYJ) but this time I think I got a decent mix.

Josiah (jed) Brewer: Strong, can lift 7 times his body weight. He's the acting disiplinarian whenever Ellie's not around. Strict, loud, he's the enforcer of the rules. A fourth degree black belt, he has no issues using his strength to get things which Ellie has scolded him for endlessly. Is addicted to trasnformers and animals.

ellie_brewer H03 Ellie sometimes bugs me because I feel like I haven't developed her as her own person. She very much relies on Noel and Aileen. Though I do love her for everything that happened with Aileen. Still...she's a bit too shy for my liking and quiet.

[Bad username: noah_macnamara> H03 Noah went too good too fast. >< Which is why NYJ Noah would call him a wussy and kick him into the dirt. But H03 Noah don&apos;t care, he&apos;ll jsut have his love hex NYJ Noah. ;) <lj user=] NYJ Gabe is just angsty and I adore it. He's pyrokinetic. Started a fire in his house that killed his whole family. As a result he really is afraid of his power. Still loud, funny, and melodramatic, he's just frightened of hurting anyone.

gabrielcrichton I created H03 Gabe because I wanted an excuse for my bad American slang that had begun to creep into my other characters. >< Then he actually became someone, and I love him. Actor, big brother, fun guy, adventurous, breaks all the rules.

Retired Characters: None. Old NYJ Ellie, I suppose.
Minor Characters: Virginia Brewer, Leopold Brewer Sr, Simon Brewer, (Helen, Jed, Leo were minor...ugh), Kennedy (Ellie's dog), Orson Crichton, Josh Crichton, Erin Kelly, Mina MacNamara, Elena MacNamara (dead in H03, alive and witchy in NYJ)
Plots I'd Like to see in NYJ: Noah dating, Noah confronting Beej, Kiddie school, Aidan and Noah forced to work together. Hee.
Plots I'd Like to see in H03: N/A

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Total Junkie... [19 May 2003|10:59am]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Tracy
Also: SiCoD, Scrib, Trace
About: Live in Belfast, (but not for very much longer at all!) work for ntl where I play with maps and skive off to check the Games, Married with one cat and am just about to move into first house. >.<

Official Cast Member, 4th to sign up after J, Beej and Will.
Originally 31, Sports writer, Coffee addict, NY Rangers Fanatic, Irish-American fuckwit-with-heart. He of the Shit Leg, Permanent Stubble and Amazing Ability to Drink All The Whiskey. <3's J beyond all these things.
Now, 23 (24 next month), Barman, werewolf, Irish, Quiet and Very Different to the Original (he doesn't drink, for one thing...).

16 year old, Daughter of Bryan Tanner. Loves her family Very Much. Babysits for All the kids, thinks Bal McCormack is sweet, but his brothers and sister are... kinda odd. Wants to be a comic book artist, or illustrator. oh, and has cripplingly sore visions and resulting headaches. Nice.

aidan_mccloy, H03
16 year old Gryffindor, has had brain removed at some point and replaced by a quaffle. Am convinced of this. Best Chaser Hogwarts has seen in a long time (he WILL play for the Ballycastle Bats, oh yes), ALSO possesses Amazing Ability to Drink All The Whiskey, Recently recovered from getting in touch with his feminine side, Owner of the brattiest Owl ever, adores the ground J walks on, Best friends are Ade, Eirlys and Beej, Hates Missy Fister, and also! LIGHTSWORD GUY!!!

ciaran_mccloy, H03
18 year old Ravenclaw, Aidan's older brother, the Sane One. Plays guitar and piano like nobody's business, sings a bit too, Doing 5 NEWTs because, okay, he might be a bit insane, best friend is Will, Loves Eirlys. Very quiet, both in character and in posting frequencies, mainly because th'on buck eejit up there is So Loud.

gwen_mercer, H03
Ah, Gwen. 11 year old First Year Hufflepuff, OBSESSED with Adie McCormack <3, extremely quiet in my head these days, mainly because she went into shock at the thought of Ade being a girl. Best friends are Josie and Sabrina.

No retired characters, and the only minor ones would be... uh... Tal and Olly and KIRLEYCAT? oh, and Joe and Susan McCloy get mentioned as well.

Plots I wanna see?

uh... hee... Gee. Aidan and Lys seem to be getting on very well (for all that he's socially inept...)...yesss... uh. :)
Aidan and Noah being MADE to work together.
More about the Kids. They make me laugh. (well... the twins give me the creeps... but then I laugh)

hehehhehehe... *plotting*

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