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Name: B
Alias: Relentless Slasher of Red-Haired Girls ^__^
About: Am British. Half-Scottish, half-English, with a bit of New York on the English side and a bit of French on the Scottish side. City girl stuck in the country. Omnisexual. Ralph-lust and Alicia-lust makes me want Will/Aileen. This is Wrong. I don't care. I want to be David Lachappelle a photographer (I'll settle for just worshipping him <3). My passion for Tori Amos and Emilie Autumn is unrivalled. Even by Mark. :-P I write fanfiction for Singin' in the Rain, Billy Elliot, Wind on Fire, His Dark Materials, Narnia aaaaand Harry Potter. At least I did. I'm being Nagged At for more Fairy Boys, but these games are sort of my Life right now...

This is going to get Quite Long. I have nine. >_<


will_foster: and when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with the night and pay no worship to the garish sun. Ohmygod. *swooooon* I love this man. <3<3<3 x a million + infinity! The original Will. I've been picking at writing a novel about him for about five years now, but it was going nowhere. Now I've been living him for a few months, maybe it'll pick up again. I'll see how things go over summer. 35-year-old Entertainment boss. Loves his daughter Aileen and his fiancé (*dies*) Noel above everything in existence. After that: his piano, his dogs, whiskey. Wants to be a real writer, as in novels. Has a not-so-secret lust for Viggo Mortensen. Scared crapless of flying. Hates coffee. Drinks so much tea there's probably more of it in his veins than blood. Best friends are Jack and Aidan. I miss him. :'( Look at him! He's so the Hottest Will. Gah.

willfoster: The Hogwarts version. Basically the same as the original, except... you know... he's a wizard. And he's British. And seventeen. But most of the other bits are the same. Loves Noel beyond all mortal comprehension (Mark and I are Gods, so we get it). Tori-obsessed. Loves his piano. Scared crapless of flying. Loves Shakespeare. Very Very Smart. Ravenclaw. Head Boy. Yes, come on, let's get the jokes over with, that's Head Boy, yes. :D Loves his all cats. Best friends are Jack, Ciar, Eveline, Martine, Adie, Dylan.

william_foster: Hehehe. The piano-thing is still there, and the Shakespeare-thing, and the intelligent-thing, and the would-die-for-his-daughter thing. I bet even the Sap-thing would be there if he let anybody close enough, but since his last long-term boyfriend turned out to be a paedophile mass-murderer (yeah, I'm going with Bloodlust!Fic as canon now. Ew), that doesn't seem very likely. He's an assassin. Good with guns. *nods* He says he's quit all that now to help out with all the stuff going on at the Journal, but if he's offered enough money, and the target is a nasty bastard who deserves death, then he'll do it again. Tough!Will. It feels so Wrong!

aileen_foster: Then: will_foster's 15- then 16-year-old daughter, aspiring singer/actress with an 18-year-old boyfriend, G. Ohgod, Will hated him. *twitch* Then they talked and All Was Well. Same deal with Aileen and Noel. She liked him, then she found out he was fucking her Dad and hated him, then they bonded over Moulin Rouge and chocolate ice cream and All Was Well. Now: 17-year-old Slayer. She's doing it for revenge, after all her family were killed by Beasties (except for her boyfriend G and Will's best friend/Viola's mother Tess... had to kill those two themselves after they got turned and went for Vi >_<). Classically-trained soprano and ballet dancer... now she's too busy to make it as Christine on Broadway, and she Bitches about it sometimes. *shrugs* And she has no Morals any more. "I kill for a living, so sod the law. I'm going to drink, smoke and fuck whatever the hell I like." And she does. :-) Because I was getting Itchy with 13-year-old H03!Aileen... I'm not allowed to be pervy about her, it's Wrong. 17 is okay. I know it's 18 over there but the age of consent is 16 here, so WOO! I'm all right with that.

aileenfoster: *sigh* She's not Evil. Don't hate my girl. *hugs her* She's Misunderstood! She's has a Hard Time! Her wand-magic is practically non-existant, but she's sharp. Good at things like Potions... *points at recent Melodrama* ...and old non-wand magic. And she's a Dream-Seer, which sent her crazy after she saw her sister's and mum's deaths before they happened. She has no sexuality. Lesbian by default, but only because she happens to be in love with Ellie. it's not about gender. She's never been attracted to anybody else in her life. Not even Bonky, so don't start. :-P Also loves: her raven, Edgar Allen Poe, Nick Cave, The Hunger by Whitley Schreiber (hmm... lesbian vampire porn... maybe she does have a sexuality...), Will (although she'll never admit it). Hates: lakes, Aidan McCloy.

bonky: BONKY LIKES THA MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! He's a house elf with spectacularly squiffy eyes and a somewhat lower-than-average intelligence. He can't quite grasp the proper pronunciation of names, for one. Willy Fister is a grand example. So are Eyeless, Martian, and the classic Dildo. ^__^ As well as tha moooon, Bonky likes playing his guitar and singing Cheering Songs when his good friends are upset. He used to be in love with Missy Fister, but she didn't love him back and he hit the bottle. Then his friends Spanky and Spunky sent him to self-help classes for badly-treated elves, and he came back All Better! Now he has a lady friend called Mibbi and he loves her very much. *nods*

adie_mccormack: Ex-Gryffinwhore rock star! He's gorgeous and he knows it, but he's not unbearably arrogant. Just a bit. And like he and Aidan say, it doesn't count as arrogance if you really are as fabulous as you say you are. :D Desperately in love with Eveline. He's not had sex in well over a month and he doesn't care. *shock* He's not even realised, really. It's 'cause he loves her. *nods* Transfiguration expert. His ma said he needed something to fall back on if the band doesn't work out. He just looked at her. o.O And he's a jammy wee sod 'cause he never gets hangovers, no matter how much he drinks. It's cause he's Scottish. He's been drinking whiskey for about sixteen years. :-)

adam_mccormack: 156-year-old half-demon. Loves his wife, Evie, and their kids (Bal, Miah, Abis and Omri) madly. Powers: he carries lots, but they're recessive genes and the only ones that have manifested themselves in him are superhuman strength and an ability to regenerate. Weakness: has a fatal allergy, and so tries very hard to avoid salads.

bal_mccormack: The Normal One. He's a pyroculist (can zap lasers from his eyes), but hates it because he gets picked on at school. Also gets a load of crap because he wants to be a dancer (I can't help it... with Jamie Bell as his face, it just Happened ^__^). Loves Māmiņa and Dad more than anybody else in the world. Likes Miah, Abis and Omri sometimes, but most of the time Miah's taunting him and the twins are zapping his things, so... you know how it is. Siblings, bah. Best friend is Jace Tanner, and he's deeply in love with Jace's sister Bron.

Retired Characters: I suppose will_foster and the first Aileen are retired (*sob*) in that we're not playing the nyjournal any more, but they're not really 'cause I'm so desperately in love with them and I'm going to carry on writing in that 'verse anyway.

Minor Characters: Fosters: Alice, Matt, Richard, Caroline, Frances, plus her fiancé Christian and their baby twins Thomas and Anna. Tess Barker: Aileen's mom in H03 and the first NYJ, Viola's mom in the second. George-who-is-called-G: Aileen's boyfriend in both NYJs. Cathy Foster: H03!Aileen's dead twin sister.

Plots I'd Like to see in NYJ: The school. <3 Aileen/Ellie shower-sex, because I'm a pervert. Not exactly a plot, is it? Ah, well. And. AND. And WillnNoel. *gush* I need them. (Noel's older than Will now. That seems so Weird, after the Age Thing being such a big part of both previous games. Heh.)

Plots I'd Like to see in H03: *is evasive* Hehehehe!
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