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Enter The Obsessor/Perfectionist

I felt rather outdone by my 'students' *snerk*, So I did a little remix. More definition.

Name: Jenn
Or: She who is of the Colinlust, MoD, J, Title Whore, Your Wank, Your God.
So: Wants to write, lives in the city of Mickey Mouse and Old Fogies, will someday seduce Colin Farrell, gets a squicky love for certain 'cests, is a fuckin' weirdo, thinks Narnia is the best series ever, wants Dom Joly of Trigger Happy TV to be her best friend. Also listens to 'reefer' music and has a 'Ford' family.


jackward Of the Original NYJ. First Staff Member. Goddaughter of the Boss. 26 year old loon. Full time Brit with and addiction to coffee and 80s music. Dated a snarky bastard (re: Beej) and swore off men. Best Friend of Will Foster and Aidan McCloy. Mother of Caleb (and Jace and Susan in November). Not a girl person, really, though she does try to be friends with females. Eats like a fucking cow and then some. The lovely Anna Paquin was her face. Loves her job, but wants to do International News. Has fuckwit twin, Robin, who lives in LA with his daughter, Chelsea, and wife, Mary. Is sometimes the bane of J's existance. Father (Patrick) died when she was 15, she was daddy's girl. Mother is conventional sweetie, and perpetual nag. Is marrying Steve. J is also married to Aidan and all her favourite memories are roadtrips with him. Even if they are somewhat blurred from alcohol.

jackward Version 2.0. She's soon to be 19 and a hacker extraordinaire. Is generally nice but won't hesistate to tell the stupid fucker, or the asshole off, especially if he's getting in her way. Doesn't much care what people think of her. Still with the fuckwit brother in LA, but he's also a Werewolf. Been so since the two were 6 years old. Thus J's experience in handling them. Twist (because I love them): J was in Purgatory for near 500 years. She was banished there after her last life (a Gypsy [Emma Yoskovic] in 1503) when she ran away to marry her true love. Recently started remembering everything and went to her grave to dig up her old possessions. She might be the true love of Niall Burke, but she's destined to end up with a different snarky bastard. Still retains that huge ass appetite.

jaclynward Because we all love Hogwarts. She's a 5th year Gryffindor with a spunky personality and a love for coffee and alcohol. Smart when she puts her mind to it, but on most occassions is a rather stupid prat. Guess that's why she and Aidan are so suited. Loves flying/quidditch, and reading with a passion. Believes Aidan and Adie cannot exist without the other and is fine with that (most of the time ^_^). Thinks that Will is one of the smartest people ever, and has a soft spot for Caleb Tanner (though she'd happily kill his brother without a second glance). Absolutely adores Martine, Eveline, and Ellie, but is rather uncomfortable with what she calls 'girl speak', so doesn't spend much time with them. Still got that prat brother, but her mother is a total bitch who hates all things Wizard. Will soon be adopted by her Godfather, Steve.

btanner Original: BJ Tanner was 27 and the snarky ex boyfriend of Jack. The father of Caleb, and a quite talented lawyer (so God knows why he worked at the Journal instead). I never much developed him, 'cept that he was the Football Hero in high school and a huge playboy (partial to blondes). Jack was his first love and he hadn't gotten over her until a few months ago (still gets pangs once in a while). Remix: Bryan's 524 years old this year. Was born Niall Burke, but has changed his name many times since then. Cursed by the Gypsy family of his love (Emma Yoskovic), when she died. A Rich Irish Lord, and a bit of a rake. He's seen most all of the world in his travels, met many people, and through a stroke of luck in the finance department, managed to not only keep his inherited fortune, but raise it higher. He's fluent in almost 40 languages (including some demonic). Has three kids who he loves beyond anything. Plus, added bonus, they are the reincarnations of his family. (Bron - Mum), (Jace - Brother/Best Friend), (Kitty - Little Sister). Is quite learned. Very quiet, spends most of his time with his children, seems tired a lot, but rarely sleeps.

bjtanner Beej is the 15 year old Slytherin version and a right bastard. Thinks he's the hottest stuff ever and only gives a damn about his family (and Aidan McCloy). Very unsure of what he wants to do in life, but is quite smart and has a lot of potential. You wouldn't be able to tell by his grades though, as he is more opt to half ass through work, or copy off someone else. Can be quite charming and sweet, but he's rarely around people to show it. Keeps to himself and tells the rest of the world to fuck off. Older brother to Caleb.

calebtanner Ah dear sweet Caleb, how I love you. 12 year old Ravenclaw. Quite shy, but very affectionate and sweet. Wishes he had a relationship like Will and Noel. (he's bi, but he thinks that most het-couples are crazy [re: Jack/Aidan]) Spends enough time with Beej to know that he's a swell guy, and he wishes his brother would be less of an ass around people. Genuinely admires Eveline, Will, Noel, Dylan, Aidan, Beej, and Jack. Considers Jack to be his best friend. Had a twin sister (Caro) who died three years ago from an unknown illness that Caleb also has. Loves Katie (his 6 year old sister) most of all, and tells her often that she'll be a Princess when she grows up. Is dying.

jacetanner This kid rocks my fucking Dobby socks, mmkay? Jacen is a spinoff of Caleb. He's sweet and charming. Harbors a crush on his best friend Bal (but you wouldn't hear him say it.. crushes ruin friendships). He's empathic and telepathic, half Kevroc demon. His demon half hasn't started showing yet (for which he's quite grateful). Knows that his Dad and him should have a closer relationship, but cannot quite remember why. Is extremely proud of both of his sisters, even if he does like to annoy the crap out of them sometimes. Loves his computer, soccer, and loud music. Hates when people shout at him (emotionally or telepathically) but doesn't like to talk about it.

Retired Characters:
claudiaward Truly is Claud the counterpart to her NYJ self. She's 11, Slytherin, and in total disgust with her perky ass cousin, Jack. Thinks that being confined to a school is a load of bullshit, and would be perfectly happy if everyone just fell off the earth. Today. Only likes her Da, Aileen Foster (and sometimes Uncle Pat. 'Too bad he had to die. He was almost decent to be around.') Ran away from Hogwarts after the funeral of her Uncle and managed to find her wanderlusted da. Now travels with him, quite content.

Kit_Holmes Christopher was a 16 year old Hufflepuff, and the quietest mother fucker on the planet. His parents pretty much ignored him through his childhood and he didn't have any mates, so his lack of social skills was quite apparent. Until his forth year when he was seduced by hottie Astronomy teacher, Lucy von Tavers. She brought him out of his shell, at least with her, but when the two were found out she was fired and he was expelled. Hasn't been seen or heard from since.

mad_ventura Madison appeared for about three journal entries. She's a 17 year old kook, a Gryffindor. An orphan who likes to pretend that everything going on around her is something in a book she's writing. (stopped playing her because it's a pain in the arse having writer's block in writer's block)

piper_gibbs Piper was going to be Adie's female counterpart, but I got bored with her too quickly.

Minor Characters:
Wards: Marion, Robin, Eamon (dead Patrick)
Bushs: Tid, Claud.
Office Figures: Steve Carlson, Gerard Fitzgerald (and various unnamed staff)

Plots for NYJ: Established friendships, couples, and more kiddies.

Plots for H03: *hums It's All Been Done by Barenaked Ladies*
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