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Include Me In!!!

Name: Alison
Alias: Black Narcissus, Angst Addict, Unhealthily Fixated on Gobshite, Undeserving Werewolves
Re:Me English/Irish on Mum's side, English/Scottish/Cheyenne(but only a teeny tiny bit unfortunately) on Dad's. Married twice, divorced twice. Two daughters. Born and still living in Liverpool. Was language buff at school (all those years ago), now self-employed (ie., extremely poor) proofreader after about 6 years illness. Shameless Pupsmut addict. Have written a couple of Remus/Sirius things, and a couple of Martine/Noah HO3 bits. Have quickly developed strong fraternal adoration for all fellow RPG persons *hugs to all*


Hogwarts03 - martinebrereton. My original Girl. Love her to bits for that reason alone. Fifth year Ravenclaw prefect, age 16. Extremely intelligent, adores her friends and will do anything for any of them. Especially close to Eveline, Dylan and Will, but loves their partners Adie, Finn and Noel too, if for no other reason than they make her loved ones happy. Utterly and completely devoted to her boyfriend Noah MacNamara, after hating him with an almost equal passion for most of their Hogwarts lives together. Not a happy home life. Aristocratic French Mother who despises her, younger sister, Davina, who treats her the same way. Her English Father loves her, but is totally under the thumb of his wife whom he absolutely adores. There is a reason for this, but it hasn't come to light yet. Martine also had an older brother, Etienne, who died when he was five. She barely remembers him since she was only two and a half at the time, but she was extremely close to him.

NY Journal 2 - _marti. 23 years old, born and raised in Boston. Middle child of three - older brother Etienne, younger sister Davina. Is close to both of them. Both parents dead - mother (Veronique) in a riding accident when Marti was 12, father (Steve) murdered just over two years ago. Steve worked for Military Intelligence. His job was dangerous enough that he felt it necessary to train his children in extreme forms of self defense. Marti took to it like a duck to water. She can fire almost anything with a trigger, including a crossbow which requires a peak draw weight of 200lbs. Technically, this is way beyond her physical capabilities, but she handles it well. She is also an expert knife thrower. As she herself says, if she can see it, she can generally hit it.

When her father was killed, she set herself the task of finding his killers. She's not interested in why they killed him, nor in how he died. She had a list of twelve names at the outset. There are now four left. In the meantime, she's hired herself out if she felt the cause was right. After all, she killed her first bastard before her father died. She caught her own boyfriend raping her sister. He died slowly. She was sick afterwards. That was the only time killing made her puke.

What she doesn't know is that she has witch blood on her mother's side. There's been signs of it all her life but they've been slight enough for her to ignore or pass off a coincidence or clumsiness. She has slight (at the moment) precog, telekinesis and empathy. The latter only works when she's giving her attention to someone though. She thinks she's just good at body language. Should she ever trace her maternal bloodline back, she'd find she's descended from La Voisin, a witch of the dark path, who lived and was executed in the time of Louis XIV of France. Her latent powers are slightly strengthened when she's at work, simply because of the atmosphere. However, because she is totally unaware, and this is a whole new world for her, she is completely vulnerable to psychic attack since she does not yet have any defences against it.

*pauses for breath* I think that's all for now.

Plots I'd Like to See in NYJ: Meh, there was only one. And that's neeeeeever gonna happen. So, I'll just see what, if anything, unfolds.

Plots I'd Like to See in HO3: Dunno really. Lots to watch at the moment. Am happy with that *nods*
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