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Alright, here's me...

Name: Christie

Alias: Luna, H03/NYJ obsessor, Scarily Fixated on Dylan/Finn *winks*

Re: I'm of Irish, Scottish, Native American, French descent -- your basic American mutt! College grad (majored in Communications/Journalism)now working as Media Relations/Writer/Photographer for a medical university (oooh yeah -- feel my excitement -- note: heavy sarcasm.) Love the HP books and am rampant Remus/Sirius shipper! Big-time film addict! Written loads of R/S fics. Am now totally in love with H03/NYJ and am addicted to reading/participating and writing associated jounral entries and fics! I love Dylan/Finn -- makes me smile, makes me happy! Wishes my r'ships with guys turned out as well as theirs *rolls eyes*


Hogwarts03 - dylan_evander
He's mine so I feel odd saying this, but I love the silly git! 16-year old Gryffindor. He's a blond whirlwind, also known as Queen Lili (though he tries to insist he's so not Queeny *rolls eyes*), Hummingbird (for his inability to be still) and Horny Little Devil. Flamboyent, energetic, overly enthusiastic, pervy as all get out, rampant sense of humour, wears his heart on his sleeve. Party Goodtime Boy. Former Gryffinwhore (but not anymore! Loyal to Finn, his beloved, now) Breaks out in song and dance often. Annoys the hell out of people. Not so good at his studies. Bit of a bubblehead *winks*. Vain too, though he doesn't like admitting to that. Adores his gorgeous boyfriend Finn and his best friends Martine, Eveline, Will, Noel and Adie. Despises brown polyester, bad hair days, shower wanking pics of horror and poncy pics, and the Ogre on his bad days.

NY Journal 2 - dylan_evans
20-years old, soon to be 21. Born and raised in California. Typical surfer dude in many ways: his manner of speaking, his diet cravings for Taco Bell and Mickey D's, his love of the beach, surfing, skating, the outdoors, sand and sun, friends, partying. Atypical in that he is gay, a Skinwalker -- morphs into a Golden Retriever dog (Goldie) and a Hummingbird (Birdy. He's a bit ashamed of the *wussy* bird form so he doesn't use it all that often). Friendly, very outgoing, gameboy, hyper as hell, loud, enthusiastic, loves sex and is pervy about it. Loves his sexy vampy boyfriend Finn, his Harley (Red Rover), Rolly (his office chair that he has developped an unnatrual affinity for), Junk food of all sorts (especially Taco Bell, Mickey D's, Hot Pockets, candy, donuts, Mountain Dew), kids (because he's just an overgrown kid himself)and movies/TV (esp. "The Matrix", "Star Wars", "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures", "Speed" -- has secret crush on Keaunu Reeves but doesn't want Finn to know that for fear that Finn will quit taking him to KR movies and that would be bad, though he loves Finn and thinks Finn is MUCH HOTTER than Keanu anyway so it really shouldn't matter). Loves the kooky new job and the people he's meeting. Has already developped friendships with Marti, Aileen, Caley and Evie.

Plots I'd Like to See in NYJ: Errr... hmmm... well, lame-ass answer here, but really, I'm just excited to see how everything unspools! Will wait and see!!

Plots I'd Like to See in HO3: A Dylan/Finn Will/Noel orgy! Hee!! Kidding!! (Or am I?! *winks*)
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